Saturday, December 22, 2012

Favorites Of The Week

We spent last weekend in Ogden to celebrate my grandpa's birthday!  And all you get is this terrible picture.  Sorry.  But it was fun!

Here is another terrible picture.  In fact, one might call it a creeper picture because they had no idea I was taking it.  But what is going on is too cool not to share!  Chris and his brothers were building Minas Tirith out of snow across the street!

You know you aren't going to do well on your chemistry test when this is how your study session went.

John left his jacket at my house this week.  Then the next day he left his shirt at my house!  (We were trying to get a stain out of it, okay?)  So Chanel and I had a little fun.

This was stuck in all of our heads when we were ice skating:

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