Thursday, December 27, 2012

Les Miserables

Good news, my friends!  I finally felt mostly un-sick today, so I did get to see Les Mis!  A bunch of my friends went with me.  Man, they are so awesome!

How was it?  Well, I was pleased, I suppose.  Before, I was very skeptical of the actors that they had chosen.  Because it seemed more like they were chosen for their big names rather than their talent.  You know what I'm saying, right?

However, I was pretty much okay with the actors in the end.  In fact, I was amazed with how well Anne Hathaway did as Fantine!  I didn't know she could sing like that, nor did I know that she would portray the emotion needed so well!  Yes, I really liked her.  Another one of my favorites was Aaron Tveit who played Enjolras, Marius' friend. (I didn't like Marius himself much.)  Yes, Aaron was perfect for that part, he was so passionate!  Also, Huttlestone and Allen, Gavroche and young Cosette.  Holy cow they were amazing (and adorable)!  I swear, they were more talented than half of the adults in the cast.

I was generally cool with Jackman as Valjean.  And with the girl who played Eponine.  Eponine has always been my favorite character.  But honestly, I think that they could have, and should have, done more with her in the movie.  She just came and died....and I know that is how it was supposed to go...but didn't go as deep into her story as I wish it would have.

Amanda Seyfried....I find very very annoying.  Why?  Because she is in all those chick flicks that I hate!  Haha, I know that is not fair at all.  But I can't help it.  But you know...she didn't do half bad in this movie!  I was quite impressed, really.

However...I am very disappointed with Russell Crowe as Javert.  Not because he didn't look the part or anything (though he really didn't look the part at all), but because his voice....WAS SO WEAK.  Like, when he sings, you don't feel anything at all.  And what musicals need more than almost anything are voices that can move you.  Because I love Javert's story....but not really in this movie.

Yes.  My stomach is killing me so I won't write too much more.  Overall, I liked it.  I may or may not have cried several times.  They really did do a good job.  They had all the music, all the emotion.  They did wonderfully at portraying how simply awful.... some things were back then: they didn't hold back!  I'll definitely watch it again.

You should probably go see it as well!  But.... it is really not as good as seeing it live.

Oh which leads me to mention.  You may wonder what is up with me and my obsession with this particular musical.  Well once upon a time, a long time ago, in fact, my last day of third grade, my dad took me to see Les Miserables live in Salt Lake City...

It was my birthday present, and probably one of the best that I've ever gotten!  We were so cute.  We dressed up and went to dinner before and everything.  The ideal father-daughter relationship, you know?  I think maybe that is why Les Mis is kind of something special to me.  Because it reminds me of those days.

And of course, ever since then, I have known the whole soundtrack by heart and am completely in love with it!  It really is a beautiful story.  Thank goodness I am satisfied with the movie, or this could have been one really angry post!

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