Thursday, December 6, 2012

MT - 20

Hey!  So with yesterday being Briggs' birthday and all, Tyler and I decided to make him something very useful.  And that is exactly what we did!

You see, now that Briggs is 16, he is hot and ready to date.  But of course, sometimes the right girls are hard to find, so Ty and I made a list of qualifications.  Here is the document we gave to Briggs.  (I thought I would share it with you, because it turns out, everyone should use this list of qualifications to find that perfect person.)

MT-20 Forum

This is our seal of approval.
  1. Both of you have turned 16
  2. She has a Madi-approved taste in music
  3. She has been interviewed by (and approved by) Madi and or Tyler
  4. She has a 4.0 GPA (4.0 is preferred, but 3.9 will be considered)
  5. She is neither annoying nor demanding (levels of such will be decided by Madi and Tyler)
  6. She doesn’t usually talk louder than one would in a hospital
  7. She has a Facebook profile, where Madi and Tyler can do a thorough background check
  8. She doesn’t have any ‘duck face’ pictures, nor any pictures taken in a bathroom mirror  (or any mirror for that matter)
  9. She is $100 stylish, but modest
  10. She is neither clingy nor the jealous type
  11. She owns a pair of moccasins, in which she will always wear on ‘Moccasin Mondays’
  12. She is an avid reader, who has read Lord Of The Rings
  13. She appreciates how good you smell
  14. She is kind to all and not scary in any way
  15. She is cootie-free
  16. She must know how to spell Shakespeare (spelling and grammar are musts)
  17. She does not participate in witchcraft on any days other than Tuesdays (as the old saying goes, ‘Witchcraft is cool on Tuesdays’)
  18. Her hair is not any unnatural color [in fact, it must never have been dyed at all (if her hair color is not natural and a date is scheduled, her hair will be shaved and donated to Deseret Industries)]
  19. She wears no makeup (if she feels she must cover up her face with nasty makeup, she has self-esteem issues)
  20. She is not a compliment hunter, but a compliment giver

She must sign below that she qualifies and agrees to all conditions and is subject to arrest if she, at any time, fails to complete the requirements.


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