Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Things...About My Room

I love my room.  I really do.  So much, I spend all of my time in here!  Mostly.  Since I live in here, I have made it very much my own, and I think it is rather cozy.  Small, warm, and cozy.  Which I am very fine with.

I decided that I would share with all y'all some of my favorite things about my room.  So that perhaps you can be inspired, or simply just enlightened.  I've blogged about all of these things before, probably, but let's face it.  I'm just stalling because I have a chemistry study guide to finish.  I don't plan on studying, though.  I don't care that much!

Ah yes.  I am a very big fan of this corner.  There you can find a headless woman who is just as stylish as I am.  Those are hard to come by, I assure you.  You can also find my old glasses, which used to be the greatest things ever back in 9th grade.  I loved those babies.  They are like a holy relic.  Speaking of holy relics, I also have my dad's old electric guitar there.  I find it rather beautiful.  But hard to play, because it was made for 'small hands' and I am not used to such specialty.  Ah yes, my vintage suitcase!  That is actually a rather recent addition, my friends and I found it on a DI expedition not too long ago.

That is not all in this corner!  Atop those shelves, which hold a ridiculous amount of tights, socks, and bobby pins, you can find my sand garden.  Though you can't really see it in the picture, I can assure you that it is, as Seiji would say, 'O.P.' (over-powering).  You can also find the 'Outstanding Soprano' award the lovely Mrs. Tea gave me, and my bamboo, which I prize because it is twisty.  I mean, it is a twisty bamboo!  It is hilarious!

Moving on....

 You guessed it - my goats in trees calendar!  So not excited for this wonderful goat calender to be useless come January.  But that is not it, oh beautiful one.  I am also very proud of my....wait for it....hair bow... string!  I think it is the perfect touch to my room.  Because it is adorable.  And stuff.

Sorry this is a crappy picture, but not really, because I took it on my IPod and sent it through Instagram, so what do you expect?  I mean, I'm not going to like, stand up and take one step closer to my door to take another picture.  That is unthinkable!  Anyway.  I absolutely love my Instagram-picture-covered door.  It reminds me of all the fun times I have had with my friends.  We really do have fun!  And whenever I look in the mirror, which I try to avoid doing, I get to see all of their beautiful faces!  (Chanel, I know that was touching, but try not to cry.)

You have probably heard about my album and Christmas bedecked wall more than thrice.  Well too bad!  Because guys, I really love my album cases and Christmas lights.  They bring so much peace to me.  Also notice the new addition on the right of the picture.  Oh yes!  Those binoculars were my great uncle's.  They seem pretty ancient to me, and therefore, I am in love with them.  Plus if I ever am suspicious as to what my neighbors are doing, well, notice that they are right next to my window!

You only get to see the top half of my bookshelf, the half that holds my very most favorite books.  But it is not just the books that I love about this sexy setup.  Oh no - it has everything!  Like that clock that I had to fix myself.  It was a lot of work, but it was worth it because it is the only clock in the house that doesn't make that unholy ticking noise.  And the camel to symbolize my love for camels.  And the metronome because it is pretty.  And the 'Most Improved' award my adorable XC coaches gave me.  And my great-grandmas cameo brooch.  Love that thing.  I also love the glasses that Jeff sculpted me!  He is a talented child.  You know who else is talented?  Each band member of Sea Wolf.  I've got my favorite album of theirs displayed in front of the Gone series.

But probably my favorite thing atop my books are the jars of sand!  I have one from Zane, who got me sand from California.  And one from Briggs, who got me sand from Oregon.  Aren't they sweet?  I love the beach more than anything (that is probably a lie, but right now it seems like doctrine), and so I have a bit of two beaches right here in my room.  However, this collection is lacking, so I ask of you, dear reader, if you ever go to any beachly (or just sandy) place, bring me a jar of sand.  Please?  (I slap myself at least twice a day for forgetting to get sand on the Footlocker trip.)

And of course, how could I not share my love for being always prepared for an apocalypse of any kind!?

Okay well that took a long time.  And now I feel a little creeped out that my whole dojo is online for everyone to see.  But actually, I am used to feeling that way, so whatever.

Guess I should go at least pretend to care about my future with chemistry (which hopefully there will be none).

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