Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book On Tape Worm & Mideau: A Concert

Good morning, my good readers!  And a good morning indeed, as every morning after a great concert is.  That's right, I went to a concert last night!

I dragged my friends along.  Haha, just kidding, the moment I mentioned it, they totally wanted to come with me!  Even though they knew we would have to wait outside in the cold for over an hour:

We really weren't that cold, except for our toes which felt like they were going to fall off.  Didn't help that they let us in almost a half hour late.

Not a problem, though!  When we were finally let in, we were completely enchanted with the way they decorated the place!  It think it was supposed to be like Narnia.  They went all out!  As Chanel said, "I think that was even a real dead tree!" (And she was totally right.) Since we came so early, we got incredible 'seats'.  Here, I snagged a picture from a guy that I don't know on Instagram to show you what it looked like, and where we were:


It looks crowded, and I guess it would have seemed so if we weren't right in the front and sitting down.  Yeah, no one stood at all.  It was really quite a magical experience.  Just sitting there, not hearing anything but the music.

The music.  They all did amazing!  First a band from Salt Lake City played.  I didn't know their music very much before, because they don't quite have an album out yet (coming soon!)  Anyway, they were called Mideau, and I was completely impressed with their talent.  Check them out:

Yeah I liked them a lot, and can't wait for their album to come out!  And the guy in the plaid was really attractive.

Then they left, and Book On Tape Worm came on!

I am actually very familiar with their music.  I have been listening to them non-stop since my mum got their album for Christmas!  They are actually just from Provo.  And are seriously so incredible:

Because not only was their music incredible.... their!  Those lyrics!  Lyrics are my favorite thing about music, and because of BOTW's beautiful poetic words, they are climbing towards the top of my favorite bands list.

So yeah.  It was a ridiculously wonderful concert.  It was actually at the place where I went to see Ryan in August (The Velour)!  Except it was kind of funny, they didn't even play on the stage this time around.  Guess they wanted to be up close and personal.  Which of course, is totally fine with me.  We were literally two feet away from the super cute pianist of BOTW!  We actually made friends with her after the show, when Jeff told her that she is adorable and John told her that we took a lot of pictures of her.

There is something so magical about small venues when you can be so close to the source of music.  Like when I went to the Barcelona concert!  I know, It talk about that a lot, but it was my favorite concert ever, because I was so close.  But actually, I think last night might be tied with Barcelona for my favorite concert going experience.  It was that incredible!

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Creepy smile! Haha. It looks so great. So glad you got to go :)

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