Monday, January 14, 2013

Entertaining Keywords

In my blog's stats, I can see the words people googled and were led to my blog by.  And sometimes they just kill me, they are so ridiculous.  So today I am just going to take a moment and share some of my favorites with you!

A bird with a creepy smile
Butt slapping
 Why do I have a creepy smile?
Tights disease
Working thumbs out for thumb wars
Madi awkward hairstyle
How to survive EFY
Creepy drivers
Excuses to eat cough drops
How to kess
Butt hi five attempt
Creepy smile runner

Haha oh my gosh.  Those are just too funny!  I mean who would look up those things?!  It is no wonder that my creepy smiling blog post is always the top under 'popular posts'.  Guess it is just a popular subject to look up!

Anyway.  That is all for tonight.  Have a good one!


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