Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorites Of The Week Part 1

When you have matching cardigans...well, you just have to wear them on the same day!

Remember that wonderful present Tyler gave me for Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  It looks great in my room.

Seiji's girlfriend Kylie is our new best friend.  My friends and I made her hang out with us, and she made a most beautiful tower!

We made dumplings in Chinese class!  I wore my Asian men apron for the occasion.

I've gotten lots of quality sewing done this week!  Thank goodness I have Ben to keep me company - and he is such a great help too!

Jeff and I love to eat tomatoes with mayo, salt, and pepper.  It is so delicious.  We call it 'The Ways Of Mayonnaise'.  And people think it is weird.

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