Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

Cold?  Don't worry.  There is plenty of room in my sweater for you!
You wouldn't believe the looks we got....
Masey and I hung out!  It was incredibly wonderful to see her, just what I needed.  I seriously can't wait for her to join me at the high school!

Kylee and I misinterpreted the definition of 'juxtaposition', I suppose...

Jooeun has some killer drawing skills.  And the guy in the corner just makes this picture too perfect!
My mum got a quality free shirt in the mail

Book group is always fun!  Especially this time, when my grandma brought out her mother's old books.  We all had so much fun checking them out!

I've been through a major Emiliana Torrini phase this week.  Here is my favorite song of hers!


Anonymous said...

I seriously think you're about the coolest person ever. I must compliment your clothes, writing style (so witty and hilarious!), and taste in music! I love to check out your blog whenever I have the time; it's so entertaining! Isn't it ironic that I am coming to your school next year? Can't wait to see all of your cute outfits in person! Sorry, that sounded extremely creepy and stalker-ish. Just erase what I just said from your mind. Kay bye. :)

Madi Riye said...

Oh that really just made my day, thank you so much! Whoever you are, I hope to meet you once you come to my school :)

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