Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorites Of The Week Part 2

We are pretty good at finding entertainment in the library!  Our latest game was to find a book that encaptures the person you are assigned.  This is the book I found Jeff.

I made those peppermint cookies that I love, but they don't sell the candy cane kisses this time of year!  Luckily Seiji's Kylie had the revolutionary idea to use Andes Mints, and I think I might actually like them better.

Facetime is always fun.

Sami and Megan seriously sat like this all throughout lunch!
 Kylee and I wore the same socks....again.

Jeff painted this picture inspired by Death Cab's Grapevine Fires, and I think it is just beautiful.  Oh yeah.  And that girl is me!

Of Monsters and Men came out with the coolest music video this week!

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