Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorites Of The Week

New Years Eve is always fun for my little family.  We always play the Nintendo 64, make a video summarizing the year (which you don't get to see), and just hang around!

We got new curtains.  Which means, we had to cut another Shakee hole!

We had a high quality movie marathon the last day of the break.  And watched the following movies:

 We got this picture at the concert on Friday night.  But I saved it for my favorites, because of the guy in the background.  Haha, he started doing that to all of our pictures!

This week, our dear friend Yartvik turned 40!

I found a new artist to obsess over!  Check out this video.  It is seriously terrifying.  Isn't she talented?!

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oakley seal said...

My friends and I want to see those movies so bad!

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