Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma Rogers!

Hey grandma.  It's your birthday today, as you probably know!

So in celebration of it, I am going to blog some of my favorite things about you.

Ever since I can remember, you and Grandpa have always been up for taking us camping!  Some of my favorite memories are when we would sit outside of your camper, just talking.  I would also love it when you'd teach me different crafts!

Not only are you always up for camping, you are always up for doing fun things and going cool places!

I wanted to use a picture of us vintage shopping for that last one, because that is pretty much my favorite thing to do with you.  But alas, I do not have one!  I guess we will have to go again soon so that we can get a picture, heh heh.

But seriously, you are the best thrift/antique/vintage shopping partner ever, because you can always tell me what all the weird things were used for and stories of the 'olden days'.  And you never grow weary of looking at tons of what other people call 'junk' (but we call treasures).

You are so supportive too!  You have been to (I think) every recital I've performed in, every ballet I've danced in, and every play I've been in!  I can always count on you to be there supporting me, and I really appreciate that.

You're always willing to travel to different states with us, for my weird reasons and obsessions.  Like remember my American Girl days?  Who could forget.  Yup, we went to California just to visit the store!
Or my Wicked phase....we traveled back to California (again) just to see it!

Last but not least, you are the wisest person that I know.  You pretty much know everything, so I feel like I can always come to you for advice or if I just want to talk, because you know a heck of a lot more than I do!

So anyway.  Hope it was a marvelous birthday indeed - I love you!

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