Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Remember our matching Barcelona shirts?  They make me cry with joy.  Noah, let's wear them to school on the same day.

Noah you babe, it is your birthday this day
So I shall write a poem unto you
We met long ago, back many years
Without you, what would I do?

Seriously man, you're an awesome friend
You can always make me laugh
I also enjoy that you are taller than me
But not as tall as a giraffe

I enjoy your taste in music greatly
And that, I'm sure you know
Like really, it is just like mine
You probably know more than me, though

Let's not forget your fashion sense
If I were a man, I'd dress like you
But actually I don't let that hold me back
You are one of my style icons, it's true

You are one of those people I feel I can trust
And you always understand me
 Which is quite the feat, I know it true
So let's go climb a tree!
(I am actually quite serious, I would love to go tree climbing with you.
However, we must wait until the snow melts.)

Overall, I appreciate your existence, yes
You are unique in every way
The world needs more people like you, my friend
So happy birthday, I say!

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