Monday, January 21, 2013

How To Throw A Killer MLKJ Day Party

Hey guys!  Today our dearest friend Tyler threw the most wonderful party in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  Now, you may wonder, how does one do such a thing?  Don't you worry: I took pictures so that I can share with you the secrets!

First you must think about refreshments.  About 90 candy bars will do the trick:

You are halfway there!  Now you must think about the presents to give:

What would one give on such an occasion?  Well, this is the good part!

Perhaps a much coveted propeller hat?

You can never go wrong with a cat tie:
Hehehe, he put in on backwards.
Yup, I totes made it.

But who knows, maybe some neon pink suspenders and shampoo made of garlic is more your speed

But if you are lonely, an evil bunny with a leash made of yarn and Cheerios would definitely help
Or if you are a party animal like Zane, party supplies are always in demand

Maybe some personalized toilet paper?  Everyone needs that!
I must say, though, my favorite is the beautiful picture that Tyler gave me.  It is definitely going to be hung in my room.

Fun, right?  Right.  Of course, you can't just wrap them any old way.  Get creative!

If you use a Victoria's Secret bag, it can double as a hat later on!

For some added pizazz (and frustration), wrap your presents about 20 times.

So that is it, my friends!  I hope that you are inspired.  This is definitely going to become an annual event for us!

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