Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Sewing...Dojo...

Hey!  So as I mentioned earlier, I got a serger for Christmas!  And since then, I have spent every free moment that I have down in the basement sewing.  I have pretty much taken over the theater room, and I just love it down there!  Let me show you what I am talking about:

My mum hung up a bulletin board for me to stare at while I serge, and Chanel drew me some beautiful designs that I definitely wanted to display.  They are pretty inspiring, I kind of want to make each and every one of those dresses!

I think that bulletin board is pretty neat.  Neat, but a bit bare.  I plan on adding more pictures, but of what, I do not know.  Tell me if you have any ideas!  (Other than cats wearing hats, of course, because I'm already on top of that.)

My seger is a life saver.  Well, I guess a more accurate term would be a 'time-saver'.  Yeah.  Super convenient.  Thankfully my aunt gave me a box of thread for it, and in the prettiest colors too!

I also have moved my dress form from my room down to the basement.  It is very useful, and I think it is quite nice to look at.

Still haven't named her and I have had her forever.  And I keep calling it a her as if she was alive...what the heck.  I am going crazy.  But I still want to name her.  Please, please give me some ideas for that as well.

But I do miss having it in my room.  It is lonely.  Guess I shall have to buy her a twin!

I also have a rack that I hang some of my past projects on.  Sometimes I need to refer to them to remember how I did some things.  Or something.  Maybe I just have them down there to give myself a sense of accomplishment.

My grandma is awesome.  She has boxes and boxes of (mostly vintage) fabric, and she lets me take whatever I want!  So with fabric I got from her and fabric that I have thrifted, I have tons - plenty enough for everything I will ever want to sew.

These are some of my favorites!

I wanted to show you this fabric by itself, because it is completely awesome.  I MEAN LOOK AT THAT DOG.  IT IS A BLOB!!

I kind of really want to make matching skirts for Chanel and I out of this.  They would be incredibly hilarious, but we would seriously wear them all the time.

My grandma also lets me take whatever vintage patterns I want to use.  I love sorting through all of the boxes at her house, and hearing what they were used for, who made them, etc. (a lot of them were her mother's)

Some of them date back to the 40s!  It makes me cry with joy.

So pretty much I owe so much to my Grandma Shiba.  She was even the one who really taught me how to sew!  Love you grandma!

Last but certainly not least: how could I sew without the sewing machine that I stole from my mother, and the beautiful company of Benjamin Gibbard?

He he.  Well, I am going to go sew now.  Have a good day!


Oakley Seal said...

please let's share patterns. And can we have a sewing day? please!?

Madi Riye said...

Dude. YES.

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