Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quality Cornbread Muffins

Hey guys!  Last week for book group, Chanel and I made the most delicious meal.  Yes - chili and cornbread!  You know, I should really share the chili recipe with you sometime, but clearly I am too lazy to get up and find it, so right now you get the cornbread recipe that we used that night.

Oh my babies, it was delicious!  Like, too delicious for words.  Best cornbread I have ever had.  I ate it for breakfast for DAYS.  And I actually pulled it straight from Allrecipes!  Find it here!

Or... you could follow in my footsteps and take the lazy way out by using the screenshot I took and put right here...

Makes about 20 muffin things

Well aren't we the masters of no-effort!  Not really, because if you just made those muffins I sincerely applaud that endeavor because it is kind of a lot of work...

Anyway.  That is all for today!  Have a good one.  I love you. 

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