Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Decor Of The Velour

Earlier this month, but not much earlier, my friends and I were at the Velour.  That is right.

Now, I have told you about how much I love this place.  I love the size.  It is rather small.  I love the people there.  They are all so cool.  I love how close it is to home.  Provo, Utah.  I love how safe it is.  No drinking allowed.  And yeah.  It is just a really great place!

So today I come to you with another thing I love about the Velour.  The decorations!  Most of them are creepy and or weird.  I am just going to show you a few of my favorites, like....

The terrifying blue lady in the bathroom right above the toilet who you feel is going to stab you.  I have seriously had a nightmare about her and now avoid drinking water before I go to concerts.

I really dig the...squirrel thing... they have on the ceiling.  It adds a nice flair.

Let's not forget the beautiful artwork on the walls!  I would assume that these are by the same (perhaps local?) artist.  There are several more, but alas, I did not have time to photograph them.  But anyway.  I really love them.  They are hilarious.  And I would put them all over my room if I could!

Last but certainly not least on this short list is the shrine to Elvis.  It is kind of scary...but very wonderful.

That is all for today!  I hope you have enjoyed this post of decorations occupying this particular beautiful place.  I would like to shake hands with the man behind it all.

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