Friday, January 18, 2013

Tis Your Birthday, Zane!

Ni hao my readers, I come to you today
With a few things that I would like to say
For today, you see, another poem I will write
Sorry if you don't like them, but I think they're tight

My dear friend Zane's birthday is RIGHT NOW
Please Zane, stand up and take a bow
Because you fill us all with increasing great joy
You are a delightful one, our little Zane boy.
 You are so very nice, this is quite true
We all feel that we can really trust you
It is a fact that you can crack us all up
And I really like Muffin, your adorable pup.

Though I really haven't known you all that long
(I think we met while singing that honor choir song)
You really are a mighty fine friend
 We know that on you, we can depend

So all in all, hope you have a great day
You're lucky you're 16, I'm not until May
But yes, know that we like you quite much
Lets make sure to keep in touch!
Yeah yeah, I know that last line was lame, but it rhymed so perfectly!


Zane Wheadon said...

Thank you very much. I liked the poem.

Kelly and Jon said...

My Dearest Madi!
As Zane's mom, I REALLY appreciate your sweet friendship and quiet example that you set for your friends. AND.... I think you are positively adorable and quite talented to write such a witty poem! Basically, you ROCK!
--Kelly Almquist :)

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