Saturday, February 2, 2013

Favorites Of The Week

Sushi and crab night at the Shiba's!

We did some quality partying at Chanel's house

Except it was really awkward for Kylee and I because I think we accidentally invaded one of Chanel, Hannah, and Jeff's Minecraft parties.  So Ky and I cleaned Chanel's kitchen, made cookies, and jammed in her parent's bathroom (which is more than twice the size of my bedroom)

 She & Him fans, I'm so sorry we messed up the words a bit.  We were too busy with our dancing!

My friends are so cute.

Especially Zane, who wears this shirt on a regular basis.

Chanel and Jeff practiced their face painting skills!

I'm quite in love with Churchill's new video.  It just makes it five times cooler to me that I met this band, and found they are so sweet!

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