Saturday, February 16, 2013

Favorites Of The Week

Masey, Jeff, and I hung out!  It was about a year ago that we were all in Bye Bye Birdie together.  Oh, the memories!

 We wandered around The Meadows and stumbled upon this treasure

Jooeun got a little carried away with my camera, the Ben head, and a hammer.  But don't worry.  Nobody head was hurt.

Seiji and Shakee are so cute!  I'm lucky to have them both as my brothers.

My friends have had a thing lately for drawing faces on oranges and giving them to seminary teachers

Don't even deny it.  Jooeun and I are most adorable.

Jeff decided to grow a mustache.  It's made of pure Asian.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw one of your outfits on Pinterest! You're famous!

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