Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison!

My dear cousin Allison's birthday was last week, but I decided I would wait until now to blog about it, because she came to stay for the weekend!

We had so much fun!  Allison is really the funniest kid I know.  Like seriously, her sense of humor is so ridiculous, she has me laughing about every 10 seconds!

After this, she proceeded to ask the cashier what he was planning to eat for lunch.  Thank goodness, how could we have survived without knowing that he was going to eat spaghetti!?

You see, every year for her birthday we have her over for a sleepover and do some fun things.  This year we decided to do some quality baking, because that is what she is into right now!

I suppose I was about her age when I was an obsessive baker.  But yeah, we made some high-quality cupcakes!  And some really ugly cake pops, which you don't get to see.

Quality, right?  Yeah our baking was great.  I ate so much much....

But before this ends, I would like to leave you with some Allison quotes!  Enjoy:

"Have you ever thought about babies that are half cat and half human?  I wonder if anybody has ever tried that.  Would you want a half-cat baby?"

"That's what I call my mother sometimes: Mushroom.  It just came to me one day."

"My little head doesn't know all that very much.  So all it can think about is Chelsea.  But I don't like any Chelseas in real life, I am jealous of them all."

"Do you have a friend named Horhe?  Everyone needs a friend named Horhe."

Haha she is great, right?  Well anyway.  Happy birthday Allison, I love you so much!  I'm glad you were able to come down for the weekend!  Oh, and tell Chelsea 'hi' (apparently this 'Chelsea' is within her, a part of her)!

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