Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Well, it is your birthday today
That means I have a few things to say
 So sit back and enjoy this rhyme
It will be a good use of your time!

 I remember when I was but a child
You and I were very wild!
You were my best friend ever, my favorite one
 We would always have so much fun

I remember I always wanted to play
You were always up for it, no matter what day
'Punchy-time', tetris, knitting and more
You would even play 'princesses', which I did adore

Many of my favorite memories were spent with you
I'd go back any day, this is true
Thanks so much for the childhood you gave me
Even when you tickled me until I did pee

We are pretty good friends even now, I say
So let us celebrate and exclaim, "Hooray!"
Oh daddy, sir, I love you very much
So have a happy birthday and such!

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