Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today it is my best friends birthday.  Which best friend?  Oh, you know which one!

Haha, it is Jeff's birthday!  And I know I pretty much did the same thing last year, but I would just like to share with you a few things that makes this boy so great.

He appreciates the ways of mayonnaise
When I was but a child, my mother taught me to eat tomatoes with mayo, salt, and pepper.  Not very healthy, but very delicious.  And you see, I have never met anyone that appreciates that combination like I do!  Except for Jeff, of course.  Jeff, I appreciate your appreciation.

He has become the most fashionable person I personally know
Not even kidding.  Like seriously, this boy has got style!  I'd like to think maybe I have had a hand in that, but I think he could have gotten to this point without me eventually.  But anyway.  Yes.  We give each other fashion advice all the time, because we have the same taste.  Also, I can count on him to look like he came straight from an H&M catalog every day.  Was that creepy?  Sorry if it was.  But not really.

He also has a killer taste in music (and goes to concerts with me)
We have generally the same taste in music.  Which is really convenient, especially when we want to go to concerts!  One of my favorite things to do is discuss lyrics and watch music videos for hours, both which Jeff is always up for doing.  It's always fun to recommend music to each other, but even more fun to break out in obscure song together at unexpected times!

He is a genuine weirdo
Why do I appreciate that?  Because I, too, am a weirdo.  We like to do weird things together.  Like buy creepy bunnies and CDs about cats!  It is very easy for us to entertain ourselves, even if it is just creepy smiling at everybody who walks by.

Yet he is also up for doing nothing at all
My favorite kind of people are the kind of people with whom you don't feel awkward in complete silence with.  Face it, it is a nuisance trying to keep up a conversation sometimes.  But I never have to worry with Jeff!  When we hang out, sometimes we just sit in silence, and it is just as fun as if we were...doing something really fun (like eating tomatoes with mayonnaise).  We probably look really awkward to everyone else, but I think that our un-awkwardness with each other is really a testament to our friendship.

He has a great taste in the ladies

Last of all, he isn't afraid to match and be adorable
I love that he doesn't mind matching with me.  (Even though when we matched in the picture above, it was completely by accident.)  I mean, in high school, being matching probably isn't considered 'cool'.  WE DON'T CARE.

So yup!  That is Jeff for ya.  Just a few of his great...qualities.  Haha, have a happy birthday Jeff, love you!

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