Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

I was at the school for 14 hours today.  That is right!  Why in the world did I do that (you may ask)?  Well, today was our school's annual Chinese New Year Celebration!  I pretty much forgot to take pictures...but I got a few!

Well, first of all Chanel and I made dumplings.  For about two hours straight!

Yup, we made friends with a dude named Marshall who went to our school last year before we came (not pictured above, but below).  I mean, what brings people together more than the quality conversations that come with making authentic Chinese food?  Nothing, I say.

Alas, all that food making was getting us hungry ourselves.  So we took a quick trip to Panda Express (we needed some Americanized Chinese food) and Starbucks!

But there was still much work to be done!  We carried things up and down the stairs, searched the school for a man named Willie, hung up signs, and did some painting.

I didn't have the heart to point out an 'L' was missing....

Finally, like, forever later, it was time to begin!  It was muchos crowded.

I highly regret that I did not get any pictures of my job for the evening.  I was in charge of running the photo booth with one of my heroes (Do click on that link and check out his work)!  Hehehehehe.  It was really awesome.  I had to make people put on traditional Chinese clothes for the pictures.  It was lots of fun but really busy!

After a while of that, it was time to watch the performances.

Actually, my Chinese class and I were in it, too.  We sang a new years song in Chinese...and it was a disaster!  Mainly due to the lack of accompaniment.

Yup, so that is how I spent my day!  Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.  Tis the year of the snake!

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