Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Made A Dress For Chanel!

I love to sew.  You know that.  But sometimes I just won't let myself sew because I have way too many clothes!  Don't worry, because I found the perfect solution.  I'll make dresses for other people!

Here is Chanel's!  Pretty adorable, am I right?  Don't lie - it looks so good on her!

I used some polyester that I thrifted.  I really love working with polyester, actually, it is probably my favorite.

As for the design, I used a vintage pattern for the top.  And added a collar, of course!  Some things are just not compete without collars.  As for the skirt.... I just kind of made it up because I had the idea in my head.

Actually, I had Jeff take these pictures a few weeks ago.  This is pretty old news.  But due to computer problems from both my computer and Jeff's, I haven't been able to blog them until now!

Haha it was kind of a funny shoot.  We used my backyard, and Sami was with us so we decided to just make this a full out photo shoot for all three of us!

In fact, even Seiji's girlfriend Kylie (who is pretty much my best friend now) joined us!

She taught us the most amazing and attractive way to pose, which I am now going to share with you.

Put your hands in your armpits

Then, in a graceful maneuver, smell them.
She informed us that you really got to smell them good, take it all in.  Make it obvious that you are smelling your hands!
Really quite beautiful, right?

Haha yeah.  Anyway.  Chanel, I'm glad you dig the dress, you look hot in it!  (Like you do in everything else, of course.)  And Jeff, thanks for taking the pictures, you always do such a great job!


Oakley Seal said...

Okay, I am dying! So cute! I love sewing with polyester so much! A pair of poly pants are on my enormous to-do list. Anywho, would you like to do a guest post on my blog about a vintage sewing project(s)? Or something like that? (:

Madi Riye said...

Thanks! :D Okay, so guess what? Earlier this week I was pretty much thinking the same thing; that we should do guest blog posts for each other! Let's talk at school!

Oakley Seal said...

Yes!!!! I won't be there tomorrow because of star events.

Madi Riye said...

I will pretend to know what that is and hopefully see you Thursday! :D

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