Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ladies Day

As perhaps you may have noticed, a majority of my friends are of the male gender.  That is all fine and dandy, but the other day I realized that I couldn't remember a day that my girl-type friends and I have hung out without any boys around!

I decided that I should get on that immediately, and promptly planned a "Ladies Day'.  And what better day to do it on than Singles Awareness Day?  Even though not all of us are single, heh heh.

 I grabbed pretty much all of my lady friends from school!

Both the white ones
Cute, Chanel.
And the Asian ones!

We listened to some 'lady tunes'

While we ate some 'lady-licious' sandwiches
You really have not lived until you have tried my bacon and egg sandwiches.  Like seriously.  Your life will change.  I live off of those things.

Of course, no girl-gathering is complete without chocolate!

Or the woman-talk, where we shared our innermost thoughts and feelings

We came up with another super lady-like thing to do.  Each other's hair!

We also spent a good amount of time with our best friend Shakee, the only boy allowed.

Last but not least, we ended with making Valentines cards for all those dear to us!
Once again, Chanel.  Just ravishing!

That is pretty much it.  Quality bonding time between us females!

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