Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Start A Blog, My Friends!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog?  Well I have.  And it turns out, I did!

This fine evening (though a bit cold for my taste), I actually taught a little lesson class thing about blogging to a/my group of young women.  In that lesson, I encouraged every soul to start a blog, because seriously, it is really quite a genius thing to do.

I mean, the prophet tells us to have a journal, guys.  And what better obligation to write is there than to have a bunch of people that you both know and do not know reading those things you write!?  Oh gosh, that was confusing.  I probably confused my fellow young ladies.  Sorry, guys.  Ladies.  Whatever.  You probably already knew I'm insane!

But seriously.  Before I had this blog, I had a hard time keeping up with a journal.  And that made me feel so guilty, and I forgot everything that ever happened to me (that may be a bit of an exaggeration...but not really)!  Now that I have a blog and I know that people expect me to update on a daily basis, it is really not that hard.  And of course, I absolutely love writing and sharing with you some things about my life!

However, many people think that they have nothing interesting to blog about.  Though that is definitely a valid argument for very boring people, I speak the truth when I say you can blog about anything!  I mean, really.  It doesn't even have to be interesting!  Don't feel obligated to entertain your readers.  That's probably the most important thing I can say about this matter.  Blog for yourself alone, and you will probably find yourself enjoying it!  Remember that your readers don't have to keep reading if they get bored.  That is their own dang fault.

So go start a blog, you hot person.  And if you don't know what to blog about, here is a list I came up with for my lesson, which I will now share with you.  Enjoy!

 63 Things for Ye To Blog Of

1.      What your life would be like if you lived somewhere else
2.      Weird dreams you have had
3.      How fast you can run to the nearest stop sign and back
5.      Oxymora
6.      Oxygen
7.      How many times you can spin around until you fall over
9.      Your friends
13.  Cardboard boxes
15.  Your style
21.  A touching story of your childhood
22.  What you did today
23.  Pets you may or may not have
25.  Madi Riye
27.  Your room
33.  Stories your grandparents told you (of the olden days)
40.  Your dream vacation
42.  Things you can find under your bed
43.  Your favorite kinds of…trees
44.  Things you are in desperate need of
45.  Your hopes and dreams
46.  What people smell like
47.  A letter you wrote…to yourself
49.  How many chocolate chips you can fit in your mouth
50.  What you would do if you could do anything
52.  How many times you can lick someone’s elbow until they notice
55.  Your testimony
56.  Your favorite part of the day
59.  This list
60.  DIYs
61.  What you come across as you walk down the street
62.  How many moles and or freckles you have
63.  Your talents

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