Monday, February 25, 2013

The Mode: Introduction

My friends!  I come to you this evening to introduce a book that my dearest grandmother gave to me.  Yes, yes.  It is called The Mode (In Dress and Home), and it was published in 1947, so it is clearly authentic guidance.  My grandma said that it was used as a textbook, and studied in school.  She claims that when she was but a child, she studied it like the bible!

You see, while reading this book I realized just how important some of the things they say are.  So you know what I am going to do?  I am going to blog about it a chapter at a time!  But not all in a row, of course.  Just every now and then.

The first section is the introduction, so let me share with you what it contains!

"The modern girl has the American Look.  She has a clear-headed ability to make herself a useful, happy member of society.

The girl you envy is the one about whom people always say: 'Isn't she attractive!' - or pupular - or charming.  'Such an attractive personality!'

A too obvious make-up, too bright nails, too startling clothes may add glamour, but such things are no help to a charming personality.

But apparently a waist the size of your head is necessary.

A personality need not necessarily be an attractive one; but a pleasing personality is the one every girl wants.  For doesn't she dream of being the most attractive, the most popular, and the best-liked girl in her crowd?

High school boys say, 'Girls must be able to talk well and know when not to talk and when to listen.  They should keep their voices low, but with some pep and feeling in them.  If there is anything a boy detests it is to hear a girl talk baby talk, or with a whine in her voice.  Girls should have a sense of humor, but not giggle at everything.  Don't be gossipy or catty about others; don't run down another girl or boy.  Have many good friends, not just one intimate one.'

Sit straight, and stand tall, as if you were proud of yourself.

How about spending more time on your teeth, hair, or nails?  How about pressing your clothes oftener, taking a stitch here or there, or cleaning soiled spots?

How about some thought and action in regard to posture?  Good posture makes clothes look much smarter, you know.  And there is nowhere that good posture adds more to personality than on the dance floor.

Thinking about others makes you forget to think about yourself; that is as good a way as any to get over shyness, lack of self-confidence, or diffidence."

Wise words indeed!  I hope that you have learned some true suggestions that have lasted the test of time.  Because clearly, everyone wants to be that girl with the attractive personality, am I right?!

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