Monday, February 11, 2013

The Ring

So this isn't going to be that much of a post, but you know, I don't really care.

Anyway, so just like last week, my cross country group of friends got together and watched a scary movie!  Of course, I neglected to get a picture of all of us, so please enjoy this picture of Sean.

Beautiful, right?  Yeah, it was Kylee, Sean, Matt, Matteo, Stewart and me.  And we had a great time!  Once again, Stewart and Matt were little girls, with Matt hiding underneath a pillow and Stewart looking up LDS messages.  Matteo and Sean were pretty good though.  Didn't seem too terrified.  And of course, Kylee and I were screaming all over the place!  (It really is much more fun when you are.)

As for the movie, which was The Ring, well it was okay.  Not as scary as Ky and I hoped it would be!  (Probably more scary than Matt hoped, though.)  Honestly, not enough really scary things happened.  It was actually really sad.  Much more sad than scary.

But I do admit, I will be watching my back Saturday!  Yup, seven days after you watch that movie you are pretty much supposed to die via a girl coming out of the TV.

 Haha we are adorable.

Well, that is all for today!  Hope you've had a good one.  If not, I suggest you go 'perching'.  It really calms the soul.

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