Friday, February 1, 2013

The Woman In Black

Hey guys!  The other day I was telling my dear friend Stewart ghost stories about a hotel I really want to stay in.  We got talking about ghosts, and then scary movies, and he decided that I need to watch The Woman In Black, because that movie scarred him.

So that is precisely what we did!  We called up our XC group (and Kylee, of course, so that she and I could be comforted by squeezing each other to death).   Other than the three of us only Matt could show up due to the short notice, but four people was about perfect!  Because you know, the less people, the more scary,

Now I have a story to tell you before I tell you what I thought about the movie.

Last...March, I think it was, my mum watched it with my dad.  She told Kylee and I the story while we were in my van and it really freaked us out!  We had to go into Kylee's house so she could put on some pants (we were going to a stake dance), and when we came back out it was dark and we had psyched ourselves out, so we were scared and started running.  Of course...I fell.  And, like skidded across the ground.  ALL BECAUSE OF THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  A MOVIE I HAD NEVER SEEN.


So though it may have emotionally scarred Stewart, it physically scarred me.

Anyway.  So I had this terrifying idea about what this movie was going to be like.  The movie in my head was absolutely horrifying.  I mean, if the version in my head was the movie, it would probably be rated R and people would burn all traces of the movie, it would be so scary.

But...the actual movie was not scary!  I mean, I screamed my lungs out and squeezed Kylee half to death.  I was practically crying.  But the scariest scary movies are the ones that scare you even after it is over, and let's face it, I am not scared.  I'm telling you.  The version in my head was a lot better.

Perhaps the scariest thing was that whenever we turned around (in my pitch black basement), this is what we saw:

Now you may think that Kylee and I were wimps, behaving the way we were.  But you are quite wrong if you compare us to our friends!

Matt watched the first 10 minutes.  10.  Then he was too scared to watch any more and just closed his eyes the whole rest of the time.  Of course, that was still scary for him because of the music of the movie and the screams coming from Ky and I.  He said, "The only person who would be happy throughout this movie is Helen Keller."

Stewart, on the other hand, had seen it before.  And wouldn't stop telling Ky and I that it will scar us forever and it is the most terrifying thing.  He decided that he couldn't go through it again and spent the movie snap chatting, texting, and reading LDS messages.

So who are the girls now?

Haha anyway.  It was definitely entertaining.  But more for the jumpy-scaring factor.  Kind of like we were going through a spook alley or something.  We were all just hoping for Daniel Radcliff to pull out his wand and defeat everyone, you know?

But we had fun.  And had to comfort ourselves after with a quality game of Mario Party.  (Which I won.)

Haha yeah...that's all.  I love being scared! scares me...

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