Tuesday, February 5, 2013

White People Bingo

Ni hao!  Sometimes my friends and I run out of things to do during lunch time.  Not to worry - we now have the perfect solution!  What could that be?  Why, White People Bingo of course!

The above is actually a version that I modified to fit our school a bit better.  Find the real version here!

Haha yup.  That is what we spent lunch time doing a few days ago!  It was ridiculously easy, considering that our school is full of white people like unto ourselves.  (In fact, we could have had half of them crossed off instantly if we counted ourselves!)

I mixed around the boxes a bit, so we each had different cards.

Please enjoy Jeff playing in the garbage can in the background.

We quickly had 'Offended Expression' crossed off once people knew what we were doing!

Hey, but it actually wasn't my idea.  A long time ago I ran across the most amazing blog ever, called "Stuff White People Like".  It is really the best because it is amazingly accurate - probably because it was written by a white guy!  Haha so when you have a few hours to kill, do check it out, you will laugh much.

Anyway.  That is all I have for you today!  And, next time you are bored, take a minute to notice and appreciate all the white people around you.  My friends and I certainly did!

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