Thursday, March 21, 2013

Choir Tour (Part 1)

Hey!  My excuse for being behind on blogging this time is because I have been on choir tour!  At first we planned to go to San Diego, which would be awesome.  But not enough people could go, so we ended up just going to Logan.  Good thing I love it there!

So I guess I'll tell you what we did.  In multiple parts, of course!

Well first we got on the bus and rode to UVU, where we toured that campus.  Then we got on the bus again...

And went to Weber State and toured that campus as well!  Sounds pretty boring, right?  Well actually, it wasn't that bad because we all brought binoculars and creeped on people the whole time!  People seriously think we are crazy.  But we don't care because it is fun!

After watching some rehearsals and things, it was time for the black and white jazz concert!  Yup, we all had to wear black and white dress clothes.  I think we looked pretty hot!

We actually didn't mean to sit in sections according to the colors we were wearing...
Super blurry, but it's a fun picture so I'm posting it anyway.

It was really a lot of fun (and classy).  We danced a lot!

Sometimes there's not enough boys, so us ladies use that time to take pictures of everyone else and dance with each other.

And that is what we did the first day!  Well, after the jazz concert, we did go swimming, which was really fun, even though almost all of the choir was there with us!  Here is our hot 'before' picture.

Haha we were trying to be like those vain girls on Facebook.

Yup, it was a fun time!

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