Monday, March 4, 2013

Clue Party

So, because my family is just so much fun, my aunt Kim decided to throw a 'Clue Party'!

The ladies of the family.  Apparently strangeness is in our blood.

And man, it really was fun!  We all had to dress up like a specific character and pretend to be them that night.  I was Mrs. Peacock!

I actually brought Jeff with me, who was some chef having an affair with the character Seiji's girlfriend was playing--awkward!

Kim really went all out!  Everything was perfect to every detail.

The cutest were the nooses around the napkins, which Jeff and I now keep on our backpacks, haha.

We ate dinner (which was delicious), but alas, Mr. Boddy had been murdered!  We had no idea who murdered him, so we had to go from room to room looking for clues!

In the end, it was my grandpa who was the murderer.  We should have known from the beginning!

Haha yes, we all had a lot of fun!  Thanks so much Kim!

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