Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Home Evening Activity Ideas (For The Adventurous Latter Day Saint)

Okay so this is really awkward because I got really behind in blogging this week.  End of term is nearing, and I'll be leaving next week for the very end of it...I have a lot to finish up and do.  I should be stressed, but for some reason I'm not!  It is actually the 15th right now....thank goodness I can change the date to whatever.  Anyway.  I promise I'll catch up this weekend!

HEY!  So today my dearest friend Jeffrey and I were doing our daily creeping rounds (we seriously go around and creep on people during lunch...they think we are crazy...maybe I'll blog more about that hobby of ours later...) when we realized that the love for being ridiculously awkward will never leave us.  When we are old and have children of our own, we will need to pass down the skills of how to creep on people, so that it will not be a lost art.

To do that, we constructed a list of some high-quality family activities that can be done to strengthen the ability to be the strangest you that you can be.  Many were inspired by things that we have done ourselves!  Lettuce begin:

Stand on your neighbor's front lawn and stare at their house through binoculars
Now you must be careful with this one.  If you pick the wrong target, the police may be after you in a jiffy!  So choose your target wisely, make sure that you know them and maybe even perhaps on a 'best friend' or 'best stalkee' level. And please don't forget the binoculars.  They really add a glistening touch.  If you are feeling extra creepy, work on your survival skills by teaching your children how to pitch a tent.  On your neighbor's front lawn still, of course.

Grab your guitar (or any other instrument you can pretend to play) and whip out some improv songs
Nothing shows your inner poet more than having to make up lyrics on the spot, somewhat to a tune.  This is truly a great skill to teach your children.  Though it may be hard for them at first, keep encouraging them to take inspiration from things around them.  Perhaps sing about the mailman?  Or a rash that you got from generously applying sunscreen?  Really, the options are endless.  There is music to be made!

Go people watching at the mall
Yes, go to the mall and find a nice comfy place to sit.  Perhaps bring an armchair or two, maybe a camping trailer.  If executed properly, this really can be an educational experience.  See what you can learn about people by 'accidentally' overhearing their conversations or watching them and where they shop.  Closely.  After a while you may find yourself bored, so work on some voice-overs for that awkward couple sitting right out of earshot.  They could be saying anything - it is up to you!

Go apocalypse caroling
Oh the crazies of this world.  You know, the ones that 'predict' the end of the world but then the world doesn't end.  Of course you know!  Well, once another predicted end of the world rolls around (which is practically every day) teach your children how to bring joy to those who could quite possibly be zombies by the end of the next day.  Do that by teaching them some quality apocalypse carols to sing to them!  My friends and I have a few, which you can find here, but really, half of the fun is writing some yourself!

Now there are many other things you can do.  In fact, we even had a lot more ideas (I think).  But that is all you get for now, these ideas should last you the next month's worth of family night!  Now one more important thing: don't forget the food for each activity.  We suggest nori (seaweed), tomatoes and mayonnaise, and croutons swimming in a pool (or a bowl...) full of Italian salad dressing (feta cheese optional).

Best of luck and good night!

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