Saturday, March 16, 2013

Favorites Of The Week

 We had a choir concert and didn't suck!

Once again Jooeun had some fun... with my phone
Greetings from your local Asians.

I guess it is St. Patrick's day tomorrow.  Local grocery stores all over America are celebrating by letting their bread mold and calling it festive

It was very spring-like this week!  It made me very happy - some of our flowers even bloomed!

My piano students took advantage of the warm weather and drew me some quality pictures

Okay, so in 8th grade I was obsessed with Marina & The Diamonds.  I swore I was gonna marry Marina.  However, I did not marry her and haven't really listened to her music since my 8th grade year.  Until this week!  Hehe.  It's kind of funny, because her music isn't really my style.  But I love it.  But mostly just her debut album...

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