Friday, March 8, 2013

How To Be A Woman

Guess what day it is today?  Why, yes it is Friday.  Yes, it is also the 8th.  In fact, it is also the day that Kylee and I went on an unsuccessful Ryan hunt but consoled ourselves with ice cream after.

But what you may not know is that it is also International Women's Day!  And if there is one thing that my ladies and I are, it is international women.

In honor of this clearly magnificent holiday, Kylee and I came up with a high-quality list of things that can define you as a true woman.  Lettuce begin:

Eat lots of chocolate
This one is incredibly important.  To be a proper lady, you must be able to eat loads and loads of chocolate.  That's right.  It is proven that chocolate makes women happier, I'm pretty sure.  If you really want to know, you could do some research, but you should just trust me on this one.  Chocolate is as vital to women as oxygen and sweater-wearing kittens.
Rejoice in taking pictures, especially of yourself
This does not apply to all women: some are afraid of the camera.  But a good amount of us are in a friendly relationship with cameras, and find them a source of entertainment.
Go shopping more than you need to
However, I will proudly say that I haven't been shopping since December!  Almost three months sober, I guess you could say.  But typically (of course, me included), women love to go shopping.  We find it an entertaining pastime and use of our money.
Cry over how adorable really adorable couples are.
I have this friend named Lacey and she is a junior, and she and her boyfriend are the cutest people ever!  Every time Kylee and I see them, we start freaking out.  Agh.  They are so cute.  And yes, I seriously did start crying over them one day.  THEY ARE JUST SO HAPPY AND IN LOVE AND CUTE AND inner woman is taking over.
  I was going to take a picture with them today for this post, but Jeremy, the boyfriend who thinks I'm completely insane, said I have to wait until he gets back from California.  Guess he's going there.  And I guess he wants to be tan in the picture or something.

Crave some strange things and go to great extents to get those things
Like how Ky and I had to buy Creme Savers online in bulk because they don't sell them locally.  But really, it has been worth it.  More on that later.
  Obsess over someone you will never have
Think:  Ryan Cluff.  Not that we ever want to marry him...we just want to look at him.  Jooeun, on the other hand, is in love with Zac Efron, and there is no stopping her.  She is going to do whatever it takes to find him and marry him.  BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN.
That is all for today!  Just a few of the many things that make a well rounded woman.  Hope you learned a thing or two, and don't forget to celebrate all the international women in your life!

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