Sunday, March 10, 2013

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Ever since I heard about this book on HelloGiggles, I have been wanting to read it.  And finally I got an excuse to buy it when I learned I needed to read a biography for English class!

And man, it was funny.  You may recognize the girl on the cover (who is also the author...) as Kelly on The Office.  Her name is Mindy Kaling!

It was about her, mostly.  Because technically it is an autobiography.  But it also was full of opinions, rambling, and 'pliests', which is a mix of 'lists' and 'pieces'.  Kind of like my blog, actually.

She even gave some quality advice.  I especially like her advice for men, in which she tells them all the important things they need to do.  Like bring chocolate to things, smell good, be chivalrous, and not to own too many pairs of shoes.  Heed that, my male-type friends!

All in all, I found this book hilarious.  I couldn't really put it down: I was entertained the whole time!  Her humor is just so perfect, and her stories are so funny.  You should probably read it very soon, even though it may be considered 'chick-lit'.  I was actually pretty inspired by it; her style of writing is a lot like mine and I learned quite a few things.

So that is all.  Have a glorious day!

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