Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Beach (And Stuff)

Another thing I loved about Seattle was the beach!  It was really nice being close to the ocean.  Remember how I frolicked on the beach in a vintage dress last December for Footlocker?  I totally got to do that again!  And I even fulfilled one of my goals for 2013 (to get back to the beach)!

It was way too cold to get in the water, but that wasn't really a problem because my family likes to just hang around anyway.

In that last picture, Seiji is building a cairn on my back.... and I had just filled up a cup of sand for my sand collection!

Eventually we got really cold and left.

You know, I really loved the pier too!  They just put up a Ferris wheel a few years ago, so of course we had to go on that.

It was really fun being able to see both the ocean and the city from up high.

And the food!  Oh my gosh the food.  I love seafood so much.  We went to this place where they just dumped a pot of it right on our table!  It was quite entertaining.  And yes.  We ate it all!

So there are a few things about my love for the ocean and things related.  One day I think I might move to a 'coastal region'.  At least for a bit!

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