Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Mode: It Is Easy To Be Good Looking

It is time for your weekly dose of knowledge from The Mode!

So read carefully, perhaps take notes?

Everyone wishes to appear attractive.  We all want to be good looking, even if we can't define 'good' in this sense.  And we know the difference between artificial and natural beauty.  Natural beauty can only come from within.

To attain the ideal of health and beauty, we must acquire certain habits.  We shall now take up some of these habits more in detail:

Bathe frequently
"Cleanliness is next to godliness," and it is also next to health.  Bathe frequently with soap.  Many people like a cold shower in the morning, but a cold bath is not sufficient to keep the body clean.  Strong perfumes should never be used in an attempt to destroy body odors.

Keep the complexion clean and attractive
Some cosmetics are harmful to the skin and it is dangerous to use the wrong kinds or even apply the right ones unwisely.  If they give an unnatural, artificial appearance, the use is wrong.  Excessive amounts of cosmetics are not used by the well-groomed.  The natural girl needs little or no make-up.  Paint your cheeks from the inside by guarding your good health.

Take care of the teeth daily
Unclean and decayed teeth cause offensive breath, and are often the source of ill health.  Have a medium-size, well-shaped toothbrush with stiff bristles of uneven length, and use some reliable tooth powder or paste.

Maintain a correct posture at all times
The clever girl who is vivacious and lively is the girl who carries herself correctly.  Stand before a mirror and study your posture.  The girl who sits, stands, and walks properly is much more attractive than the girl who is careless.  Have you ever hear the remark that some girl can put on almost any kind of clothing and yet look attractive?  This is due to the fact that she carries herself right.

Take some exercise daily out-of-doors
Of course, we must dress comfortable for exercise, not the way our grandmothers did to play tennis or swim.

Wear proper clothing
To be well-dressed is a joy.

Look your best at all times.  You don't have to be a beauty to be attractive.  If you always act like a lady, then you will be good looking.  Be well groomed and you will be attractive!

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