Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Mode: Personality Test

I come to you with another piece of The Mode (In Home And Dress)

Today we are going to take a personality test!  You know.  To see just how absolutely charming you are.  Let us begin!

This is a personality test with twenty rating points on it.  How honest can you be about yourself?  If you think you are as good as you can be in any item, give yourself five points for that one.  If you think you are not quite tops, or just average, or even not very good, rate yourself accordingly with a four, three, two, or one.

  1. I look my best at all times
  2. I keep physically fit
  3. I dress to suit my age
  4. I keep my clothes clean and well-pressed
  5. I sit straight and tall
  6. I use make-up sensibly
  7. I try to be natural and unaffected and to act my age
  8. I have a happy disposition
  9. I am a booster, not a knocker
  10. I am kind and courteous to friends and acquaintances
  11. I have confidence in myself
  12. I do my share, willingly
  13. I talk things over at home
  14. I am interested in others
  15. I have learned how to get along with people
  16. I have several 'best' friends
  17. I do not gossip about friends and classmates
  18. I have learned to talk well and be a good listener
  19. I read and know something about current events
  20. I am eager to learn about and practice rules of etiquette and good manners

 Now add up your score!  Once you do that, you will know how much you will have to do to improve your personality.

100-90 points -- you are popular

90-80 points -- There is room for improvement
80-70 points -- There is much work to be done
Below 70 points -- There is much hard work to be done after serious thought

You see, now you know how well you must pay attention to these posts about The Mode.  Don't feel bad if you got a low score, even I only pulled a 70, and I am the most fancy woman that I know (bahahaha yeah right)!

There is much to learn, my friends!

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