Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Second Track Meet (Our Warmups Came-Hallelujah!)

Good news, guys!  There was another track meet today AND our warmups came, which Ky and I have been ridiculously excited about ever since we ordered them forever ago.

Clearly we are more excited about them than the boys.

Like dudes.  THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.  As Ky says, 'especially when your legs have been shaved.'  They truly are the most delightful garments I have ever placed upon my legs.  The jackets are freakin' sweet as well, especially because they have our names on them.  I FEEL LIKE A TRUE ATHLETE.  It is so weird for me to think that I'm considered an 'athlete'.... Especially because I mostly just feel like a prancing fairy or something.

Enough about that.  The meet went well!  I only ran the 1600 because that is my favorite.  I felt like I could do better, but it turns out that I P.R.d!  Yup, personal record - I got 6:26!  And man, if I felt like I could do better, maybe I really can!  I would very much like to get closer to 6:00, but I'll see what I can do!

That is all I have for today.  Track is really good for me, you know?  It never fails to make me ridiculously happy!

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