Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why It Needs To Be Summer RIGHT NOW

I did a post much like this one in 2011.  But you get another one!  I'll add pictures as well.

I want to go on long bike rides.  At sunset.  In vintage dresses.  With this woman beside behind me.
I want to start fires, like, every night.  Eat a ton of marshmallows, be blinded by smoke, you know.

I want to go on rides in my grandpa's blazer!  I love riding around, exploring.

I really can't wait for Obon!  It is really a lot of fun, and I crave somen every now and then.

Cross country needs to start!  Even more exciting....CROSS COUNTRY CAMP, OH MY GOSH.
I would very much like some Paradise Ice right now...

I love just hanging out in the canyon for a day.  I'll have my license this summer so that will hopefully happen often!
Plus summer is the only time you can eat chips with forks.

I also very much love the weekend camping trips my grandparents take us on.  They are really the best!

I always say that autumn is my favorite season, and spring is my second.  But you know, I am just so excited for summer right now.  School needs to be over already!

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