Friday, April 5, 2013

EMP Museum Of Music

One thing that has always drawn me to Seattle is how many of my favorite bands were formed there.  I thought that maybe if I walked the same streets that two of my many heroes, Ben Gibbard and Kurt Cobain, had tread upon, maybe some of their genius would flow into my soul.

Nowadays I don't really seek musical enlightenment like I used to (I mainly focus on chocolate and reading about cannibalism), but it was still fun to visit Seattle's Museum Of Music!

Pretty much half of it was a shrine to Nirvana.  I have loved Nirvana since I was a kid (thanks, Dad!) so I may or may not have fangirled a little over Kurt Cobain's cardigan...

Other than the shrine to Nirvana, a truly revolutionary band (may Kurt Cobain, who died exactly 19 years ago, rest in peace)(yes, that's why I chose April 5 to blog about this)(aren't I smart?), there wasn't much else to see.  Except a giant tower made out of guitars and various other instruments.

Oh but we did get some jamming in!

Yeah, we had fun there!  Unfortunately the museum closed before we could see it all, but we had seen most of it anyway...

Well...uhhh... have a good night!

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