Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instagram Pictures Of My Seattle Trip

If you didn't know, I really love Instagram.  So naturally, I took many pictures with Instagram on this trip!  Let me show you and tell you about them, because you may or may not find them interesting.

Well on the way up, we kept passing these peculiar buildings labeled 'Fruit Antiques' and things like that.  Finally we got curious enough to stop at one and what we found was a building with two stories of antiques and a story of fruit.  I was in heaven.

I could have spent five days there, looking through everything vintage.  They had such a collection!  Unfortunately my family isn't into that kind of thing, so we didn't spend five days there.  I was lucky that they let me spend as much time as I did exploring!

The next day in Oregon I was feeling motivated and I went on a run.  Somehow I came across a cemetery, and naturally that distracted me from my run and I spent forever looking at all the cool gravestones and such.

I really love cemeteries.  I also really appreciated that this particular cemetery had a mausoleum.  No matter how people tried to explain them to me, I couldn't get myself to remember their purpose until I went to one myself:

This is the first thing I saw when I stepped foot into Seattle!  I like this picture a lot because it is super pretty, and you can see The Space Needle reflected on the building on the left.

And of course, The Space Needle itself and the view from it at night...

I took this one at the beach.  I started walking around with my shoes off because the sand was warm and I was freezing...but of course I couldn't resist getting right up close to the water.

And Pike's Market!  I loved the constantly overcast weather.

This one I took at the Seattle Art Museum...

And last but certainly not least, this picture I took while on one of our late night runs to Whole Foods!

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