Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seattle Art Museum(s)

Out of all the days we had in Seattle, it only rained for one.  You know, a lot of people associate Seattle with rain, but the Ferris Wheel guy told us that actually it rains more in the east, in places like Maine and New York... in Seattle it is mainly just overcast (and it was for most of our trip).  And like tour guides, what Ferris Wheel guys say is always doctrine.

Anyway.  I was ecstatic about the rain!  I think the rain makes everything look so much more clean and beautiful, and I really don't mind getting soaking wet.

For this rainy day, we decided to stay inside by hitting some art museums!  We started with the Asian Art Museum, which was kind of out of the way, isolated from the big city.  The drive there was gorgeous, we drove through these neighborhoods with the prettiest houses.  I wish I took pictures, but I was too busy gazing at them!

I really loved the art museum, a lot.  I mean, I love art museums and I love most things Asia, so this was the perfect place for me!

My favorite part about the museum, though, was how quiet and peaceful it was.  It was like we were in a church, or at least a library.  It was pretty therapeutic, to get away from the crazy city to this place!  If I ever move to Seattle, I am totally going to work there.

We spent a lot of time looking at everything...

When we had seen all there is to see in that place, we explored the grounds a bit.  I found my favorite animal! (Well, I am also really into sloths and turtles lately....BUT CAMELS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART)

And we found some sculpture that I think is a tire, but to be honest I am not quite sure.

We walked around a bit more.  I really didn't want to leave!  We also climbed to the top of a water tower, which was really cool.

Finally the boys got bored and wanted to go back to the hotel.  Of course, my mum and I are adventurers so she and I went to The SAM (Seattle Art Museum) back in the city!

It was pretty sweet.  My mum and I had a great time gushing over the genius of the minimalism.  That's a lie.  We think a lot of it is ridiculous!  I call the following 'Two By Four, On The Floor'.  Whoever was behind that masterpiece is probably living in a mansion on some island somewhere because of it.

I didn't really take any more pictures there.  Too much to see and too many people around!  I really liked that they had historic things too....oh like the porcelain room!  That was really super cool, it was a room....with old porcelain all around, in perfect condition.  The coolest part, though, were the mirrors, so it made it kind of look like an illusion...

I thought I'd take a picture of the view from the mirror for you.  Unfortunately I forgot to take into account that I too show up in mirrors, so I am pretty much blocking the view....and not even smiling, haha.  Well you get to see it anyway:

So that's pretty much it for the museums!  If you are ever in Seattle, I really do recommend you go to both of those places.  You have a good rest of the day!

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