Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shopping In Seattle

I am a woman and I love shopping.  Seattle holds some interesting shopping experiences. Therefore, I was completely entertained by all of them!

Let's start with Pike's Market.  Well, that's what we called it and I think other people called it that too...but this sign says 'Public Market'....uhmm.....

Seiji's face is really the best in all these pictures.

Anyway.  Pretty crazy place.  I really liked to see all the fish, I think they are hilarious.  Except then I get sad because they are dead.

Not too far away lies an interesting little store that Jeff recommended we go to.  Ye Olde Curiosity Shop!  I was more interested in the dead people in the back than what they had to sell...

They even had shrunken heads!  I love those things!

Unfortunately none of those things were for sale.  It is truly a shame.  Luckily what they did have to sell was interesting as well!


Of course, with more than 100 Starbucks in Seattle alone (that's what our tour guide told us and what they say is doctrine), it is hard not to stop by one every now and then.

Oh, and we were able to hit a real antique mall!  Most of the 'vintage shops' in Seattle were super overpriced consignment stores full of scary people, so I really didn't even want to go into any of them...  But on the pier there was a high quality one that I loved looking through!  I asked Seiji to give me his best 'antiquing' face...

Of course, being in hipster town, there were a ton of organic-type grocery stores.  Right down the block from our hotel, actually, was a two story tall Whole Foods.  We practically went there every night to stock up on overpriced food!  One night we came home with two pickles, a bar of locally made soap, watermelon, and cake.  One of our greatest discoveries was how you can buy a container, fill it with water, and then buy that water!  How genius!

They stared at it for a really long time.

Like I've mentioned more than once, everything in Seattle is expensive.  You don't need to worry, though, because if you get hungry and you are short on money, you could always visit the gum wall!

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