Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family History Expedition

You'll never guess what my grandma and I did today!

We went up to an old army fort from the Civil War (Camp Floyd). We had hopes to find the author who wrote a book about the soldiers who were there, one of them being my great-great-great grandfather. In that book, my great-great-great grandfather is said to have stabbed a man to death. We didn't have any records on that, so we wanted to figure out where the author got that information and whether or not it is true!

 The weather was so perfect for our expedition...slightly rainy!

Well, we didn't actually have the book.  She had just read that online or something, we were planning to buy the book there.  But the author was not present!  We thought he was supposed to be there signing books!  And unfortunately the guy running the gift shop didn't know exactly which book we were talking about, so we had to look through many of them to find what we were looking for.  It took a while, but we finally found the paragraph about my great-great-great grandfather (Louis Stursburg)!

I wish I had the book on me to quote it, but mainly it just talked about how he joined Johnson's army and was sent to Utah.  It goes on to talk about how he stabbed a man defending the woman who he loved, who we can assume was my great-great-great grandmother Mary (who got excommunicated from the Mormon church for associating with the soldiers, because they were sent there to destroy them!)  It also said that Louis was buried in the Camp Floyd cemetery, which we know for sure is not true.

So you see, we knew all of that stuff except for the part about the stabbing.  My grandma thinks we would have heard something about it if it was true, so it is a shame that the author wasn't there...we need to find out what his sources were!  I guess we will be going back there when we know for sure that he will be there.

But since we were up there...we decided to take a look around, even though we both have been there many times.  It is always cool!  I love going into the inn, which is pictured in the first photo of this post.  They refurbished it, but it still looks pretty cool!
It is awesome that you can go inside and see their setups of what the rooms used to be like, using all of the antiques from there.

Though it is a little bit creepy.... apparently there is a lot of ghost activity!  And my grandma and I were the only ones in the building....  But actually it wasn't that creepy, the ghosts have never bothered us.

We also went to the school (which I already put a picture of) and the cemetery, because I had actually never been there!

The cemetery actually has kind of an interesting story.  It used to have a lot of grave markers, with names of all sorts of soldiers who were at Camp Floyd at some point or another.  But it also had markers of people who had never been there!  So to clear things up, they did some radar searching or something and found that there were only 31 bodies buried there.  They removed all of the old markers (which I think is a shame) and put new ones where the bodies are.  But since they have no way of knowing who exactly those bodies were, they all say 'Unknown'.  I wish I got a picture of them!  But that kind of explains how the author of that book may have though Louis Stursburg was buried there.

Anyway, it was an extremely fun adventure!  I'd never really been on an adventure with detective purposes before, so it was pretty entertaining.  I especially loved hearing all of the stories about our family's history, my grandma knows a lot!  She has really inspired me to do some family history work.  I'm eager to learn all that I can!


RaFawn said...

I found the source it was taken from the journal of Capt. Albert Tracy who kept an excellent journal of the Utah War, the stabbing event may be true, what the journal says is Bugler Louis Stursberg would be confined to the guard house in September 1859 for stabbing another soldier and was possibly justified in doing so...I will send the rest of the story. Louis was a good man, as the rest of his life tells the whole story..


Madi Riye said...

Awesome! I think it makes sense why he stabbed him. Can't wait to read what you found!!

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