Sunday, August 25, 2013

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

We had a baking day...

But for some reason, both our macarons and our pie failed!  This never happens!  But that is okay, because they both still tasted delicious.

I looked out our back door and saw Seiji and Kylie having a frying...fiesta.

It's sometimes hard to do your homework when your dog insists on sitting on your desk!

I got to babysit Liam and Desmond!  Agh, they are so cute!  Even when Liam only wants to watch the same Littlest Pet Shop episode over and over...

As prophesied, one of my cacti died.  But that is okay, because out of all hardship comes new birth!  Meet Randy Leavis.

Chris, Simone, Jeff, Eths, and I went to go see Into the Woods at the high school.  It was crazy long... but definitely amazing!

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