Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorites Of The Week

I guess I wasn't ready to be done with XC camp... I made Ky go on a trail run with me!
 Unfortunately I haven't really been able to run since then.... due to leg and knee problems...but don't worry, I went to my doctor and he's sending me to a physical therapist next week!

Eths and I checked out a weapon store while waiting to get a key made (I needed one to my dad's car).  It was pretty great, I guess, but not extremely.

Kylie and I did some back to school shopping and found these gems.  We are going to look stellar.

One day before work I stopped at my grandparent's house to eat my lunch on their porch.  It was a delicious lunch (of bread, seaweed, and water) in a beautiful place!

Eths, Ky, and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple to do some baptisms!  As usual, we had a very pleasant time.
 If you haven't noticed, we are trying to go every other week!
My grandma and I went garage sale hunting/shopping!  The ones we found weren't that great, but we still had fun.

I think that this picture is quite darling.  We had a wonderful time just chatting on Ky's driveway!


Angee said...

If you need a physical therapist recommendation, let me know - we have 2 good ones...

Madi Riye said...

Our insurance sent us to some place by the hospital called Copperpeaks. Hopefully it works out but if not, recommendations would be awesome :D

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