Saturday, August 24, 2013

Favorites Of The Week (Part 1)

We went to Jeff's brother's mission farewell, to hear him speak and say goodbye.  And we met Jeff's sister who just got home from her mission!

Chris and I had some homework to finish up before the first day of school.  So of course we had a homework party, and invited our bffs Shakee and Kylie!
 We didn't get much done, though.  It kind of turned into a 'find what the mysterious beeping sound is while eating gummy bears' party.

I visited my Kylee at her new job!  She works at a music store, and coincidentally my piano students were in need of some flash cards, so a visit was necessary.
 Seiji, Kylie and I went to Sub Zero to celebrate our last night of summer...  I love that place!

On both the first and third day of school, our little friend group all wore blue!  On accident!  Not like that is rare, though...each of us have way too much blue in our closets.

I made friends with the Danish foreign exchange student!  It helps that we both love running, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the same kind of music.  She's pretty cool!
 We came across a strange hot dog bus.

Kylee and I are so happy that it is the weekend.  We both are so crazy busy now with school, work, and teaching piano!  So we decided to get away and see City Of Bones, which was super cheesy and incredibly entertaining.

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