Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ladies Nature Walking, Shopping, High-Speed Risk Taking, Adventuring, & Eating Extravaganza (Part 2)

After eating dinner we were extremely full and exhausted.  So we decided to browse around a nearby museum!

It was actually pretty cool!  Park City used to be a mining town a long long time ago.  So we learned a little bit about life back then...

The jail was our favorite.  Except it was really creepy because there was nobody else down there... and many people have died in the very place.... so maybe there were others down there...

After that, we went back to our hotel room to watch some high quality TLC.  Really, that is one of my favorite things about vacations: lying around watching the most pointless shows on TLC.  We better not get that channel at home, or else I will definitely waste my life watching all those shows, especially the ones about weddings!  The ones where they call other people's clothes ugly are also fun.

A trip to the hotel pool was also in order.  Each of us were in all black swimsuits, and my mum made friends with every single person there.  She does that.  I was busy gushing over the half Asian children that were there!

Since swimming always makes one hungry, we had to go to a nearby Wal-Mart for a late night snack.  Or 8.

Cookies, chocolate truffles, soda, crackers, spray cheese, heavy whipping cream, fruit, angel food cake...

We ate some of it (but not as much as we thought we would) while watching some more TLC.  Then we slept!

The next morning we slept in until about 10 or so.  It was pretty great because with cross country and teaching piano, that's about the latest I have been able to sleep in all summer!  Of course, we watched even more TLC while packing up.  Then we checked out of our hotel!

The fun did not end there!  We stopped at an IHOP to get some delicious breakfast from a suave waiter.

We also had to go to a See's candy shop to get some seasonal white chocolate truffles, because those are the best things ever.

All that was left after that was our drive home!

I thought I'd take a cliche traveling shoes picture.

Overall, we each had an excellent trip.  I'm so glad we went, it was fun to spend some time together and make the most out of our last days of summer!

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